Softfoot Lenmana SM - SOLD

National Reserve Champion Light Fawn Male
Lenmana has a stunningly bright and well organised fleece. Showing exceptional nourishment, he has a high level of density and a low primary micron which manifests in an extremely soft handle. Lenmana is a very well grown and vigorous animal, and will impress breeders of both lights and colours. Carrying the genetics of Windsong Valley Firedragon as well as Alpacaspecialist Sharman, he is well and truly worthy of consideration for a quality herd.

Softfoot Information

  • IAR: 216882
  • Sex: Male
  • DOB: Monday, 05 September 2016
  • Colour: Solid Light Fawn
  • AFD: 17
  • SD: 4.20
  • CV: 24.50
  • CF: 100
  • Price: Not disclosed

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